Monday, October 22, 2007

St, Mary's New Rangers in Cebu Mountains

See how excited they are to be free. They are really meant to be set on the range, let loose to forage and play around. Happy chickens give us good tasting meat :)

They also got their first batch of island borns, see the photo of the new day the importeds are set out, the new batch goes in :)


  1. I am really interested in growing your sunshine chickens. I have no prior experience whatsoever. My only experience with chickens is eating them :) Can you give me more info of your clients in Cebu. Thank you

  2. Hi Bernard,

    The info you wanted was how to contact the client?

    There were several shipments to Cebu, to different persons. The client who's pics were posted showed the most interest in pursuing it as livelihood for the farm's area. It was like 1.5hrs north of Cebu City, up in the mountains.

    I will ask him if I can give you his contact. I will leave a msg in YM.