Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Spread Of Sales

I will say that the 2nd most asked question is "Where is the market?".

This morning I get again one of the good follow up inquiries from the ones who read then ask. It went beyond the "where is the market" thing.

The text asked if the sales for the year was 100%, was the 50% on the last quarter? Oh yes, most consumer products' sales are in the months of October to December because of the Christmas season.

In my personal experience, it isn't the case. We get a good hold of the supply and demand all throughout the year because the market for the Sunshine Chicken is the conscious consumer. The one who watches their diet, wants tasteful chickens and studies value for money.

Sure the demand may go up for Christmas season, but this type of food gets set aside for time being during the festivities. So if the demand and sales doesn't go down, then we did something very good in terms of marketing.

I like stability...and see to it that marketing makes us grounded and constant all year round.


  1. Hello, I would just like to know if you have breeding center here in Batangas and where exactly is it? thank you! I'm clueless where is it located. someone asked to search for it because he'll work there probably late this year... hope to hear from you soon....god bless...

  2. @ travisdylan, sorry but we don't have our breeders there.