Sunday, August 15, 2010

Sunshine Chicken in Couscous

Green Daisy's owner, Daisy, was a gracious host to a group of natural farmers the other night. Daisy cooked a wonderful dinner, served buffet style, in honor of Jojie and Andry Lim.

I sent her pate, sausages and chickens to cook. She served the pate and sausages to other guests she had the previous night and they loved it. This time, she made Couscous using Sunshine Chicken... it was really good!

The natural farming boys in our group were debating if it was Arroz Valenciana....whatever you call it, it was deliciously flavorful. Actually, Daisy did a great job, as always.

If you want to see more of that night, see the photos posted to the Sunshine Chicken page in Facebook :)

Green Daisy is a restaurant that serves organic food. They have their won farm that produces their organic rice, vegetables and chickens. 20 Maginhawa St, UP Village. By appointment only.

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