Friday, August 06, 2010

Liver Lover

Sounds like an ad!

Eversince I can remember, I loved livers, gizzards, intestines, eyes, brains...from fishes to bulls etc. Offal as it is termed.

Memories of Reno Liver Spread in hot pandesal...a tin for myself. As you get older the tastebuds mature so we go one step up to Pate...still liver spread :)

I was in search of one with character....a Pate that can stand on its own and it says "umpppphhhh!" back at you. Bought some recently and brought a tub to our meeting for Berdelicious. The trying hard foodies in us were taste testing and discussed with Chef Myke what I wanted.

He did come up with what I wanted using our Sunshine Chicken's. Chef Myke said the taste is distinctly more intense than that of the white broiler's liver and no fishy taste. He used pure liver, no use of pork fat nor extenders. Creamy on its own. Full bodied flavor. If there was a gender for Pate, this will definitely be masculine! Not at all glamorous, prim and proper type. Have a closer is forkable and may be taken alone :)

Like Foie Gras? Try slicing some Pate and soft frying it.....very good and close to addicting!

NOW AVAILABLE! Just like our other products, our Pate is for the Pinoy tastebuds, no preservatives, no extenders. Great value for your protein health and money.

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