Monday, August 09, 2010

Study Then Ask

For about one week now I had been getting calls from this lady who had been reading this blog extensively and had questions.

Her questions I like answering as it teaches us too. Questions that didn't cross my mind to tackle when I was writing about topics. I know that I had been writing for the neophyte poultry dummy, but then again, I am not tasked to go into specifics nor come up with business reports, so there are details that skip my dummy mind.

Types of queries:

1) How far are the distances for the water nipple drinkers? Good one! We were doing it in the farm, on site and drilling holes and fitting the nipples into the PVC pipes as we were seeing the chickens and their sizes around us.

2) How do you assemble the nipple drinkers? That I believe I discussed. But hey, it was still an intelligent question to ask :)

3) How do the auto feeders get filled up? I may have taken that for granted, maybe discussed it...but I will take it as needing a double take to understand.

4) etc....there were a lot of good calls this week

Why am I thankful for them? It makes me see the points I have taken for granted. I must rephrase to make myself clearer. Gives me new topics. On the other hand, this blog has educated and took their questions and minds to a different level.

Thankful also that most are now reading reading and reading, then question :) As we said, we don't mind spending time and effort on this blog and out of town seminars, but please help yourselves much information here.


  1. im interested of production of sunshine chiken,i wish i can able to know more regarding this matter. thank you

  2. i have 1.5 hec. of land and half of this is planted of 2500 paper trees which im thinking if i can use as production of sunshine chiken'do i need to undergo seminar which im willing to be part of it. im very happy if you can reply me the soonest possible. if you dont mind im a farmer and looking forward to increase my income to support my family.

  3. how can we compete with smuggled leg quarter parts from USA which are being sold slightly higher in price than one chick price.

  4. @ amado, I hope you find the time to go through the different topics :)

    @ bernice, I know exactly what you mean :(