Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Corded Or Free Ranged?

Can you tell by looking at the photo, if corded gamefowls are easier to tend to?

I know images flashed in your minds now. For me, I will say gamefowls. They are corded, no running around, they have small feeders, they have a tiny house that isn't cleaned etc.

But then, I have experienced having a lot of both birds. Before we got into free range chickens, we had gamefowls just for the sake of having. Much like living paintings to ogle at in the farm. When they are free ranging, the time and effort is almost the same as Sunshine Chicken. Except that you have higher nets to be maintained around them. But when they reach the stag age and they have to be corded...looks like it will be easier huh?

For the corded gamefowls, each of them have cords on their leg, that is pegged to the ground. They have their own teepees as shelters (very costly even if you make it yourself in concrete, nipa, wood etc). Each of them will have their own feeder and waterer. You clean up all those waterers and feederrs. Have another set being used while a set is being cleaned up. Periodically bathe each of the birds individually (not as simple as spraying them with water). Bend to scoop feeds into their individual feeders and put water.

Sounds simple..if you have a few. But when you have a lot...that is different. You need a lot of farm help! In a gamefowl farm we went to last week, the farthest my eyes went to had a teepee numbered "1845"! There were more. Imagine how many help the farm needs to feed 1900 birds individually?

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