Thursday, August 19, 2010


How do you convert from a gamefowl farm to natural farming?

1) Unlearn old practices :)

2) Let several areas rest and recuperate from all the chemicals it had been exposed to. Let the Sun do its work and allow it to bathe under the glorious Sun.

3) Bombard caretakers with info on natural farming, as they will have resistance in believing it after years of practice using antibiotics and chemicals.

4) Let caretakers attend a seminar, as brooding a hundred is different from brooding a thousand. More so, artificial brooding as far different than natural brooding.

5) Do with what you have and use present structures. Individual brooding pens may be enclosed as one. An elevated flooring may be used. Have several doors for easier cleaning, feeding etc. Don't destroy the concrete bases, as they may serve as vermi areas that will be rich from chicken manure.

Now if we have to add buildings, then the new structures will follow better designs.
6) The housing/brooding area may open up to the former cording areas, that will now be used as ranging areas. The teepees are natural shelters..or we may use the teepees as low walling for housing. You may also have low shelters with nipa or tarpaulin roofing with the trees as base. With all the trees around, you may tie the net around them for ranging area fences.
There will always be ways. No need to throw away things.

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