Sunday, October 23, 2011

So Many Exciting Events

I miss blogging!  But then, I am missing on time too :) 

Deadlines meeting monthly columns.  Sure, you may say that is is just a snap to come up with a monthly column.  Yes, if you are a writer at heart.  I am just a blabber and blogger.  Blogging.. is different to writing for a magazine.  It is a welcome and enjoyable stress to be able to weave a story that will meet the magazine's persona.

Sad that I had been remiss at keeping this site up to date...since this is where it all started.

If you care to see what has been happening...while I find  several minds to keep up with all the events, please share time with is on:

1) FB, Spread Organic Agriculture in the Philippines

2) Column: Natural Farming, Agriculture Magazine of Manila Bulletin

3) Contributions, FOOD Magazine of ABS-CBN Publishing

4) Blog, that I manage for Mr. Zac Sarian

5) hopefully, we finalize soon...a...  will tell you about it after loose ends are tied :)

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