Friday, September 16, 2011

Bacolod Is Green. "Green is Life". Bacolod is Life!

Been to Bacolod 2x in 15days.  1st trip was pleasure but was able to visit some farms (surely that was part of pleasure).  Had a Balikbayan friend with us, who commented that she can live there.  Bacolod was very easy, slow paced, yet lively enough and keeps you sane with feet planted on fertile ground.  2nd trip was for the consultation for NOAB's program.

1st trip, I had to go renew my drivers' permit inside a mall.  Got a treat :)  Saw this real nice raincoat.  Since then, I always prayed that it rains ahahhahaha.

Spring water to drink from Buro Buro Spring Farm.  Simultaneously thin, crunchy and chewy Piyaya by Chin Chin Uy...that is made from scratch, rolled and cooked in front of you while you wait.  Ordered a big batch.   I didn't mind the waiting.  It was when a very kind hearted waiter can't refuse a new order while I already saved all the new ones to be churned out...that made me burn ,more than the hot plate where they cook the Piyaya!  Thankful that all that happened inside the organic restaurant in the compound of the organic market.  

What cooled me down and made me wait longer?  The so refreshing fresh fruit mix!  Can you picture what I just said?  Yup...that simple....halo halo using fresh organic fruits.  NO frills there, just honest to goodness realness.  They ran out of Mango and Buko that is the add on to special, so we settled for the regular mix of Kamote, Saging, Papaya, Watermelon, Avocado am sure there were others but the freshness was the key here...more than the supposedly exotic taste.  There was actually a line for "take home".  People came with their containers to bring home.

On the 29th, there is an event at Rockwell.  Bacolod's got it all.  See you!  Can I wish that they bring the organic restaurant with them?
Retailers will be showing
Talks to be given

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