Monday, August 29, 2011

Agriculture Magazine September 2011

Yesterday at Agrikapihan, I was excited to see the September issue so I went at 8am. Guess what?  The two stalls that carried it, Teresa Orchard and AANI, had already sold the copies they brought!

Early today, I was going to check out National Bookstore. Since it is a Holiday, no traffic and my relaxed mind brought me just cruising. Next thing I knew I was in Quiapo, why not....go to the head office of Manila Bulletin to get copies.

Parking was so easy and the light rain was an easy excuse to don my raincoat:)

The children are really the ones we have to focus on educating:)

We had an easy time interviewing Dante Delima as there was a deeper story other than simply farming.  BTW, my editor says he hardly has to do anything if at all to my submissions.  Thank you.  But for this article...he added two words.  Why?  Maybe because he wanted to edit something, whatever he can.  In the opening paragraph, he added that Dante Delima and "his brother" Tibaw.  Well, they are brothers in sustainable agriculture after all :)

What was hard to do was to write it up, as a short story wasn't going to do it justice.

Dante Delima is worth meeting up in person.  You can't judge a man by his shoes.  Nor can a man's worth be seen in paper.

You have to experience being with a True Blue Farmer :)

Mr. Zac Sarian asked Doc Rey to do what his initial intention was for a column...that from a Veterinarian.  So here is his first article.

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