Saturday, July 30, 2011

Variagated Guava and Mama Sita Banana

Last week our Philippines for Natural Farming, Inc group had a farm tour.

1st stop was at the Teresa Orchard of Mr. Zac Sarian. Everyone's jaw dropped when we saw this Mama Sita tree. Maurie Ocampo, who's grown and traded bananas before said he never saw this big variety before. Counting it, one heart can have around thirty (30) bunches!

When we visited AANI Urban Garden in Antipolo, we walked past through fruit trees in containers.  Notice the trees behind the Mama Sita?  They were in containers too.   Good thing about these? They are mobile and transportable, since they are planted in big plastic bins. No reason for your trees to get damaged in strong winds, as you will be able to move them to sheltered areas.

Best thing?  Great as gifts...don't you think so?  For someone who has will be nice to give a Sampalok Tree with all the flowers in bloom with fruits...or look, is that a Guava?

Step closer...yes  variagated Guava!

The fruit is also striped...

Sweet!  Don't think it had a variagated taste to it.  With my eyes closed, it was simply a Guava.

You know, after I took a second bite, the striped fruit fell to the ground.  I brushed it and ate it all up.  AANI Urban Farm was into organic farming anyway hahahhaha.

Going back to the fruit trees in containers...sound business idea. Thing is you need to patience to wait for it to grow to a good market size price :)

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