Monday, August 01, 2011

Agribusiness Center, DA-AMAS

Department of Agriculture, Agribusiness, Marketing and Assistance Services (DA-AMAS) inaugurated their Agribusiness Center in the main DA Compound.

This building will be a venue for showcasing, year round, 7days a week, the exporters/suppliers of the Philippines. Marketing under one roof, the buyers will be able to get info on products they need.

The terrace on the 2nd floor.

The 2nd floor is envisioned to have a coffee shop and be venues for meetings.

The ground floor will be the information/reception area.  Buyers may get data here for products they need.  AMAS personnel links buyers to suppliers/farmers.

Exporters' showcase/retail area.  Visit and see what the Philippines has to offer.  You may buy on retail.  For wholesale inquiries, they will connect you to the source.

There are projects to help us farmers.  Let us also join hands on how to assist the government.  Help ourselves too :)

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