Sunday, August 03, 2008

When Grown Naturally

A trip is most enjoyable when you visit with friends because you can laugh and say the most outrageous things.

Friday, August 01, we headed to Quezon, first stop was Candelaria. Never been there before and I was surprised at how progressive the place is.

Breakfast was heavenly because dessert was two fresh Durian fruits picked the day before from Daily Dose Farm of the Rubias. As I was swirling the creaminess inside my mouth, I know I was literally eating my words saying how different it was. Raymond replied the freshness mattered a lot when everything else was equal in the variety and farming.

We headed to the Municipal Hall to give the seminars by AANI for the farmers. Well attended and people were approaching Doc Rey after to ask questions.

Lunch was so good. We were introduced to the fact that Candelaria is known for Crispy Pata and Ulo. I was blessed to seat between Doc Rey and Pol Rubia who tries hard not to eat pork :) The best Crispy Pata and far I have had!

Then a small group of us proceeded to Daily Dose Farm of Raymond. Our first time here and the bridge that is the entrance is already a clue to how homey the place is :)

Now I know why the others we left at the bayan, kept telling us to make sure we get Rambutan for them. I went home with a bag now...and I noticed I never had a single one with a hole from a worm...and they were grown chemical free.

As we walked to Raymond's herbs and veggies...I saw Raymond picking some corn and cleaning the some ears of the yellow corn. I can't help but nudge the ever shy Raymond...."was that for eating now?" wehehhehe...."YES" he says and I grab mine :)

GRABE.....never ate one. The sweetest juice bursts inside your mouth, then tickles your gums. Honest, you are missing a lot if you don't try it. But then, these are raised chemical free, and picked just before eaten. They say the freshness of corn runs away fast from time picked.

Next we went to visit the Sunshines of Earthkeepers in Tiaong, Quezon. After picking up their eggs from the range, Tere and Armand leads us to the office for small talk over their suman and coffee. We were raving about the fresh sweet corn, eaten raw....Armand asks if we had fresh Okra. OKRA? Sounds yucky eaten fresh huh?

But I trust the couple....I bit into what seemed like Sampaguita! It was that fresh and of course grown naturally.

Chit chat with Tere and Armand always evolves into a passionate conversation, that you know you will look forward to the next visit.

We go home with bags of fruits and more Durians from Daily Dose Farm, and Pork slices from naturally grown pigs from Earthkeepers. We have raved about how good their pork is in several past postings.

Please do try to eat fresh. Grow your own veggies and fruits or get from reliable sources, to enjoy what I just did. It is not bad to eat meat in moderation, specially of grass fed and naturally grown.

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