Monday, August 11, 2008

Green Daisy Organic Store and Restaurant

I had been hearing about Green Daisy from one of my growers, Maawi, as they supply that restaurant with the Sunshines.

All I know was it was in UP, and since I am always around the area, you always postpone the visit :) Then, browsing through food blogs, I got to read about Green Daisy at Table for Three, Please.

Several calls to make a reservation got me nowhere. I wanted to try their chickens of course, but Daisy was always in Alicia. That was when I learned she was from Isabela, where we are based.

Last week I had to go to my printer to check on my new brochures. A few meters was where Green Daisy was. I rang the bell....."sorry, you have no reservation. Rang again.... I said "but your sign says '.....just ring the bell'..."but you will have to wait"...."oh sure, we will take what you say you can prepare"...that got us in :)

We were led to the cozy dining area, after ordering salad and pasta, I prepared to take a series of shots and began with this:

After enjoying our tea, the salad came. Soon after, so did Daisy Lengenegger to greet us. Well, a very engaging conversation! Have you had the experience of having pasta over animated talk with someone standing beside you on the right? Well you sort of twirl your pasta from the side of your eye, and lift the fork with your head at about 11 o'clock, and converse with you tilting at the 10 o'clock angle!

Honestly I didn't taste the food. I knew it was healthy though. But the company was to go back for :) We exchanged numbers, and this morning, we were texting to meet up this week.

Yes I didn't have my photos, but I just linked to the Table for Three, Please blog.

Hope to go back there with good company...and this time, Daisy, please sit down with us!

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