Tuesday, August 19, 2008

After Sunset

Rare that I get to see our small farm during the day, moreso after sunset.

I normally get to shut down my computer when I get to hear the Angelus, w/c marks 6pm. Yesterday, I saw the car outside parked a tad earlier than usual so I quickly cleared my desk.

"Let's go to the farm"..... even if we knew there was hardly anything we can see as we are surrounded by ricefields.

We inched our way till the clearing where we park. I wear my ever dependable and favorite feet covers, rubber boots...w/ it you can walk anywhere :)

Greeted by the site of perched grass fed hens. The human feeder must have passed already to give them their grains. Quite late feeding, but the hens here are quite self sufficient and their bantay also has a day job at the store. So they are lucky to eat before he does his own dinner.

We walk further down and some of them are running to us for food? The boots maybe trigger food time :)

Walk more to the next pens, and you witness them getting their grains for the day. Quite unmindful of us already.

Glad I decided to take the camera. I didn't think I can get pictures in the dark. There is a sort of sepia, backward look to the effect that dusk has.

Those were how our own grass fed hens look after 6pm :) The same Sunshines that give you the eggs we sell at Market At The Hills every weekend.

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