Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Our lives just not sure where the week starts nor ends :)

So busy the past weekends more so the past days.

Sunday, I had to take a quick trip to go to Heat at Shang Edsa as there was a family lunch going on and I had to at least show my stressed face to my mother :) Was just there for less than an hour. When I confirmed lunch, the 4th Sunday seminars skipped my mind. The buffet spread at Heat was very inviting to my eyes....must make a trip back there soon in social timetables.

Monday, visited Boystown, to see the ranging area for the Sunshines as demo farm in tandem with AANI. Hopefully we will bring the rangers there by Friday.

Tuesday, we left Manila at 6am for Tarlac, La Union and Baguio, bringing brooders to dealers. Got to Isabela by 12midnight!

Very fruitful past days. Reconnected with some people. Discussed some topics for thesis projects using Sunshines.

Exciting days ahead ....


  1. mam sandy magpahinga naman kayo! :)

  2. Leo, enjoy nga kami. Sa edad namin, how many people can say na they can't predict their schedule for the next day? O di ba exciting nga :)