Friday, August 22, 2008

Beware Of Fakes

As we were doing the rounds in Central Luzon, we came of the knowledge that a former employee of ours is now with a group that passes their chicks as Sunshines. Using our brochures and flyers, they are able to make the dealers believe that they are delivering Sunshines.

I just got a call also this morning from a man from Bulacan who bought from a store in Bulacan, 3weeks ago. We don't have a dealer in San Ildefonso area. Thank you that they were using our flyers, that led the man to call us.

Please please make sure you are getting from our authorized dealers. The "dealer list" posted shows who among them has fresh stocks/deliveries.

Our Sunshine Chicks are properly BOXED...and not in plastic fruit crates. Dealer stores, beware too!

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