Thursday, August 14, 2008

We Are Proud, But You Should Watch Out

We had been going around the past days and have found out that some salesman, to make a sale, use the tag that "they are the same as Sunshines".

That is a complement on one side, BUT, we did and do everything from day1 we were in operation to take care of who we are, from the boxes, marketing our growers, techical support, free seminars, farm visits etc.

PLEASE... the boxes..... makes sure you don't get your "like Sunshines" in plastic fruit crates that are reused. Some say they are even returned to salesman.

We will post the pictures of our new chick boxes once they are finished.

Our new Sunshines from our new SASSO Parent Stocks are now being seen in our dealers. You will see an occasional black, but SASSO says it is normal for pure heavy farm breeds like ours.

Please reread this post and be guided accordingly, about getting REAL SUNSHINES.

Thank you but no thank you. It may be a complement to say they are like us, but I'd want to be US for all the efforts we are doing :)

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