Monday, August 18, 2008

Sunshine At Green Daisy

Not too long ago, we had to muscle our way to have dinner at Green Daisy because we had no reservation.

The other night was different. Daisy invited us for dinner. Daisy Lengenegger's farm is in Alicia, Isabela and she wanted to meet a friend of mine who is also now based there.

The chance to have dinner with Ana and her daughter Nicole was enough reason for me to rush my work yesterday. Hubby Pol thought he will miss at the last minute, he brought his meeting to Green Daisy too, at the next table.

Fate will have it that one of the guests at that table was Daisy's high school friend, much like Ana and I.

We had a great buffet, prepared by Daisy herself. Started with pumpkin soup with coriander etc (others said kalabasa with wansoy, of course it was), salad with mango chutney dressing, pasta with clams, steak, crabs in super delicious sauce, and of course...Sunshine Chicken simply slow cooked with mushrooms...the whole spread was heaven!

Consensus: Very tasty, simple taste of natural chicken. You are able to bite into meat. Even the white meat is good. People noticed the color of the meat is dark...and the bones are hard and shiny (that will be another post).

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