Friday, July 16, 2010


Today was the opening of AANI Harvest Festival. Very casual day for us as we knew friends will be there and the event was our homebase group :)
L-R: Pol Rubia, Gerry Manaoag, Pio Rodriguez, Zac Sarian, Doc Rey and Rene Almeda

There were new products and exciting exhibitors so I had fun meeting some people. Different vibes. You know it when its not about agendas :) I hope this new generation is in time to really make changes.

We also looked forward to the seeing again the new Department of Agriculture's Secretary Procy Alcala. This will be our first time to see him after he was named for DA.

We all had good laughs as he saw familiar faces and knew that the "hellos" had no strings attached :) See how honest laughters are!
Department of Agriculture Secretary Procy Alcala


  1. Good afternoon Doc Rey. I had fun listening to your talk a while ago in Quezon City Circle. While you are an easy guy to talk to, i, however, take notice to your partner/staff in your booth.

    She was very thick with questions asked to her and was blatantly scolding me for asking a question you apparently already answered in the forum, which i didnt hear. What's wrong with asking a simple question on chicken housing? Will it be detrimental for her to answer? Will she die if questions were asked towards her?

    Sayang wala ka sa booth noong nandun ako. I do hope you get to deal with this, and even if perhaps she is your business partner or staff, she brings bad business to your business.

    Thanks Doc Rey and more power!

  2. Hi Gerald, I was the person you spoke with at the booth today. We spend a lot of time, effort, and money to do our free seminars and this blog. All the information is offered in seminars and here. We are open to answering questions, but I don't feel I have to when there is an ongoing product presentation or seminar. Doc Rey was clear that questions will be answered, but we always presumed people listened and the questions were beyond the information given. That is the reason we update this blog for important and trivial information on raising free range chickens.

    Yes, I always refer to this website when asked questions over the phone or in person. We will extend our time for free, but please also use some of your time to listen, come on time or taking time to read. THEN, questions beyond what was written here will be most welcome as that will be a topic that we will all learn from.

    As I always say and posted here already, this blog was written from a point of view of a newbie. There will always be questions because there are other points of views, but the basic pointers remain.

    Thank you for your comment :)If I remember right, there were several of you in the booth that time. I attended to the ones who's questions were beyond the FAQs. Those are here in the blog.

  3. @ Gerald, I realized I missed typing my apology. It was in my thoughts but missed it. I am sorry if you felt slighted. But, will still maintain some things, for us to keep moving and working forward for others :)