Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Time For Change?

I had been toying with some ideas...not quite sure if it is a GO or not....we'll see in the next days :) This post made me think I should GO and move.

This morning at the farm, I chanced upon a bedding change being done.

When do you change? Better than scientific 1 2 3, let your senses tell it is time:

1) When you enter the housing or when you clean up and feed, if you feel teary eyed...it is time for change.

2) When you pass the housing and there is a foul smell, it is time for change.

3) I doubt if you will taste it :)

How to change?

1) Some have a thick layer of beddings and they just turn over the layers every so often.

2) In this case, they gathered the used rice hull. They will shovel that into an empty sack. Lay a new layer of fresh rice hull. The used sacked ones may be used for your compost pile for organic fertilizer.

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