Friday, July 30, 2010

Stewed Out

One is sick, the other on a diet. Raining outside plus some last minute paperwork to do for deliveries....what to cook?

It was supposed to be vegetables, Pinakbet to be exact...but its not fit to serve the above given data. We need home cooked, rich soup...

Brought out a pack of my Italian Sausages and chunked them. All in low heat....Sauted some garlic in Olive Oil. Added the chunked sausages and let it simmer a while. Next went in a lot of chopped tomatoes and a handful of Basil. That was allowed to simmer...small soft bubbles, gurgling a little. Seasoned with a little salt. It was done when I realized there was no rice. Grabbed two handfuls of elbow macaroni and threw it in. Stirring for the next 10mins, turned off heat and covered...waiting for the table to be set.

I was starving at this point and reached for a large chunk of the sausage before I covered my was so goooood! Our sausages are no doubt dry, because there is no fat, but stewing it rendered and blended the flavors and it made it juicy :) Excellent for a blast of an idea just before getting dinner ready.

Won't say that this was a recipe to die for....but it is very good, comforting and healthy food. Stewed out....or rather, stood out for our rained out heads.

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