Sunday, September 02, 2007

The weekend is over?

Do you sometimes have a million errands to do over the weekend, then realize you are waiting for Sunday dinner, Farmer TJ's Chicken...w/c will be another topic :). The weekend is over, you did everything on the list and say "that was it? tiresome, fruitful and enjoyable!

Saturday morning had me doing the mundane errands of picking up our sando bags from my favorite plastic packaging company in Pasig. After lunch, trip to hatchery to check on final count of chicks. Preparing invoices, tallying orders and packing the deliveries kept us busy Saturday night. Alarm sounded at 12midnight for deliveries to three airline cargo offices.

Slept at 4:30am. Alarm woke me up at 6:30am. Was at AANI by 10am. Grabbed a quick shawarma before the seminar during the Farmers-Traders Expo 2007. It was a fruitful afternoon of sharing and storytelling on raising Sunshine Chicken. Met interesting people.

Then now I think how the weekend can be over? And that no pics? It totally skipped me as the afternoon was fast paced.

Till the next seminar at Agrilink :)

A lady who attended the seminar said she can give us accomodations in Camiguin when we teach her to raise Sunshines in her farm....that looks like another pleasure w/ pleasure.

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