Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Moises' Sunshine in Roxas City

The original telephone call was for an inquiry about dressed chickens. Since they were based in Roxas City, I referred a grower in Bacolod. I think they needed more that what the grower in Bacolod was prepared to raise, so they wanted to see if they can practice raising with an initial order of 100 heads.

That was the Aug11 hatch. They were real beginners, excitedly informing me that they vaccinated the day old chicks w/ B1B1 a couple of hours after it deplaned :( Well no major problem, but I felt that the Sunshines may have been threatened.

September01 hatch had them reordering 200 heads. Future bookings have been made to make sure they have the Christmas season supply :)

I am glad that after the texting and guiding, they seem to have learned a lot in 21days.

I like the movable posts for the brooder pens/ranging area...see the concrete foundations and steel posts? Easy to wheel around and transfer pens.

They are marketing the dressed chickens to barbecue stalls :)

For those who have tried the Sunshines as inihaw....am sure you know why his marketing idea is feasible.

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