Monday, September 17, 2007

Durian, Joe and Sandy

Yesterday, time allowed me to go to AANI in the morning. A pleasant and inviting scent was in the parking area. It was Durian! People were walking with treasure balls in hand.

I missed the Durian Festival held Saturday???? Good, because it was successful, they decided to coordinate with the fruit growers in Mindanao to extend the affair and make it a Mindanao fruits event.

A nice chat I had with Joe Spooner. We had emailed a couple of times before. He was just inquiring. I think he was just out looking for a market for his organic vegetables and didn't think he will see Sunshine in AANI :)

As we were driving back to Isabela, I got a call from Sandy who lived near the Circle. Vibes told me to drive back to meet her.

I am glad I did :)

Here is this couple, Sandy and Richard, lives in the city and wants to raise for table consumption. They started with the idea when their kids went back from a children's party with chicks as giveaway. The manok eventually gave them table eggs. Then they were introduced to the free ranged chicken via a restaurant in Bataan and owner directed them to us.

One of the few meetings where I don't have to say "We don't sex the chickens because they are not breeders...they are raised for meat. Same as the white chicks you see. When you buy nor see them, you think FOOD".

Sometimes it isn't a SALE that is important. It is realizing that your message is getting to people who count.

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