Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Tj's flexibility outdid Sunshine :)

I came from an 8hr drive, had a 2hr sleep, had a hilarious nightmare about the seminar, woke up relieved that it was not real, texted TJ to wake up, got ready to go, drove myself as the "tamiya" will have to go to AANI too for the stocks for the booth.

As I parked, I opened the back, NO LAPTOP NO PROJECTOR! I thought "wow, the vet driving the tamiya must have been extra nice to make sure I didn't carry anything" :)

I called and inquired....nope he didn't do it! I walked slowly thinking how to tell TJ. The moment he saw me and was informed, he called his partner Jop to make sure he brought his flash stick and good thing the venue had a laptop and projector.

No one noticed that we lacked paraphernalia of pics from all batches...TJ was best under pressure. Doc Rey commented, the best seminar he had ever seen for the free range chicken. It came straight from the heart and was done in layman's terms.

One thing I noticed...no one from the audience had any smart alecky questions nor comments.

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