Sunday, August 12, 2007

We never saw the rains

We didn't experience the rains. I had no concept of what Tj was battling up with. On the way to Manila Thu pm, it was a breeze. No flood, no rain, no traffic.

We met with the shipment that arrived Fri pm at the airport. Picked up chicks hatched yesterday, arranged delivery schedules, went to airport for deliveries, monitored the deliveries made at dawn today. Woke up early to go to AANI, had a talking morning there :).....preparing again deliveries for the airport tonight and seeing a client in Pangasinan tomorrow.

Enjoyable weekend I will say :)

The stressful part was getting a text from a client in the Visayas this morning, saying they got the healthy chicks.....they were excited to say they vaccinated waaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Imagine vaccinating newly hatched chicks that just got off the plane. They thought they got week old chicks :)

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