Sunday, August 19, 2007

Manuel L. Quezon Day

Was at the entrance of Quezon Memorial Circle at 9am. As usual a lot of joggers and cyclists in the area and cars were parked everywhere. As I entered the parking lot, what was surprising was no parking collection? There was no "FULL" sign, so that can't be it.

AUG 19...Manuel L. Quezon Day...the park may have thought of treating everyone to free parking :)

I got to the booth in time as the rain poured hard. AANI had a lot of attendance even at that weather. Good that more and more are getting interested to get back to basics and still get a livelihood.

Afternoon saw me browsing around Trinoma. Curiosity does kill the cat! I was tempted to go see why people always mention "Trinoma". I think it is overrated...or I am simply a "know what you want, go for for it and leave the area" person.

But, a stand alone boutique of Maxine made me smile :)

If I had to go to shop..where do I see myself? ATC (Alabang Town Center), Serendra, Glorietta, Rockwell..easy parking and selected shops. But take me to a weekend market and parking won't be an issue :)

Late afternoon saw me back at my future rooftop haven...visualizing, dreaming and hoping.

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