Thursday, August 09, 2007

Typhoon Dodong

Yesterday brought heavy rains, non-stop to the area of Bulacan where Tj is. He was busy the whole day. We texted a good part of the evening as he was worried. Eventually he had resigned himself to whatever comes. He gave his 100% but he can't control nature. That was how he felt.

This morning, he texted that his ranging area has knee deep water. I thought Tj must be sad. Soon after he calls and says he had evacuated the chickens to the bed of the Forward (truck) and that he was ecstatic at how the Sunshines weathered the typhoon and flood.

Today is another day....storm to intensify yet...

I told Tj...everything equal, the care he had given his Sunshines from day one, will see them through :)


  1. Typhoon Dodong has caused lots of trouble last 2007 but people right now are more aware and I think they can manage next time.

  2. Well your not alone in terms of experience with typhoon dodong. 2007 hit of typhoon dodong really devastating. Hopefully i survived that situation and it help me to get closer to my family.