Monday, July 30, 2007

Sunshine in Camp Farm, Palayan, Nueva Ecija

Yesterday we had a quick visit to our booth at AANI Herbal Garden and Livelihood Center and were set to visit the breeders and a client's farm, on the way back to Isabela.

The visit to Camp Farm turned out to be a pleasant surprise. Client described their farm as small and a weekend activity for them when I started communicating with her over the phone and when we met the couple when they picked up their Sunshine Chicks. I know they were supplying the S&R chain, but the visit didn't prepare us for what we were to see :)

A dirt road guides you through fields where you see goats, sheeps, cows etc. You see an arc that says "CAMP FARM"....soon after you see a man who steps out of his shed and asks who you are and your purpose. While he radios and several different voices reply, he gets a knapsack and sprays your tires with disinfectant.

As you are asked to park along side other parked vehicles, near a cozy looking structure that turns out as the dining area, you notice that the farm employees all sport colorful yellow uniforms. Soon after, the farm manager and the poultry caretaker run to you from different directions (I guess everyone heard the guard's radio inquiries). They took us to one of the Suzuki Minicabs parked, to be shuttled to where the owners of the farm was.

More dirt roads, and climbing mountains. I even said I didn't know the Suzuki was capable of climbing. We ended up beside parked vehicles again and walked to see people taking pictures and discussing about a future house.

That was the start of a warm afternoon with the family....after you get a cold feeling from the security at the gate :)

This was like a Safari! You forget that we are problematic with a drought, as you see happy and healthy animals. The ostrich pens showed majestic looking big birds. Peacocks were free to to roam around. You can tour on horse back. And your guide was a pleasant family. Take note, as a group, they were all nice. No wonder everyone looks forward to doing family weekends together in the farm.

It was capped w/ merienda. We hated to leave, but we had to make a long trip yet and so did they, as we all had to head back home.

I almost forgot...their Sunshines are doing great :) And will go the route of unmedicated feeds too to supplement foraging. This time, they will be able to offer healthier eggs to S&R clients.

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