Tuesday, July 24, 2007

"Is it tough? How long does it take to cook? Is the taste OK?"

I like slow cooking....ever since I read that the smell of your "ginisa" equates to how much you love your mother-in-law....I do it with a lot of patience and love :)

I don't heat my pan. I put my minced garlic in some olive oil in a pan and then set it on low fire. Just when you remember you have a pan on the range, you start to get a tan color on the garlic. Why will you want to burn them when they look and smell gorgeous when tan.

I add my onions, again not increasing heat...still that barely there fire. When wilted and you sense that the oils have married....add your tomatoes.

The colors will merge, flavors will fully develop, I guess this is what home cooked food means. No need for seasonings as they have a distinct flavor. Now I understood why patience, merging and nurturing shows love :) Now, you can add your fresh vegetables for a quick stir-fry.

You asked about Sunshine Chicken's taste etc...why did I talk about my slow cooking?

Same concept. I do slow cooking on the tasty chickens. Why? So their flavors have time to develop naturally.

When I boil, I just add my onions and crushed peppercorns to a pot of water with the chicken. Then I turn on the low fire. Let it sit till tender, then season to taste :) It may sound forever, but actually doesn't take much time and you end up with tender and tasty chicken meat.

One of the most used in my kitchen is my crockpot. I throw in some lemongrass stalks, onions, whatever else you want, use minimal liquid as the chicken will be juicy anyway....turn it to low just before you leave for the day and you get home to a wonderful dinner :)

For turbo broilers, I set it 30mins on each side, for a total of 1hr per kilo at 300degrees. To have a golden color, add 10mins at 350degrees.

I suggest don't use over powering spices nor sauces, it unnecessarily masques the taste. Salt, pepper and fresh herbs are perfect.

This was a post from Tj :

Ntry ko na ang s.shine chiken meat....
And it was great...ako kasi medyo sawang sawa na sa manok, halos daily ata ang chiken meat ang intake ko.. so sensitive na ako sa manok taste, nalalasahan ko na ang parang malansa na aftertaste ng white chiken.. pero when i tasted the rangechiken ang laki ng difference, may ibang linamnam talga siya, ang meat hindi mahibla.. walang aftertaste. lean ang meat.. it was A1 quality.. Tinola nga pala ang luto..

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