Monday, July 23, 2007

Heat was pleasanty on my shoulders :)

Am sure everyone goes through mountains of trials.

We get short on manpower, when you have to sacrifice closing a branch some days instead of allowing it to be manned by someone not equipped to be helpful to clients. It can't be enough just to be able to punch cash register. Losses from operating costs have to be smiled off :)

Then you have to catch the plane that has your imports....nap before meetings....then rush to the hatchery to check on day's hatch. Pack, count, print invoices while answering phone calls and texting, that is also while you have a client in front of you.

Quick nap again before you send off deliveries, then go straight to AANI for two more meetings.

The break and relaxation came when you were set for the 8hr trip back to base in Isabela.

I loved the weekend that just passed :) Truth is....the sunshine brings me joy. Can't call it work.

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