Monday, July 11, 2011

Purely Fruits and Vegetable Fed

We are proud of our pastured, free ranging native pigs.  They are on a purely Azolla, fruits and vegetables diet, not having been given grains.  The pigs are such big grass eaters too and are natural tillers, as they nose their way around and all through the area.

This is exciting for us as we learned the ropes.  Expanding this line in the farm. The butcher himself can't believe that he has seen backfat that "thin".  Clients said they had never had pork taste this good, and they were getting our regular naturally farmed white pigs already. 

Probably the pure fruits and vegetables diet and the exercise they got being pastured :)

We roasted a pata the other day. Take note of the bottom of the oil!

View from the top, as the Roasted Pata was to be taken out of the rack.  You can see how clear the bottom was.  The yellow hue of the picture is the color of the table top.

Care to order?  PHP350/kilo for the frozen cuts.


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