Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Naturally Farmed White Layers

After experimenting and getting good results with pasturing white broilers, Doc Rey decided to try raising the white layers in natural farming conditions.

We didn't pasture them, as they will mix with our broilers, as the ranging chickens can't be stopped from visiting neighbors in other ranging areas.

Trial of white layers, we used the HiSex brand of Console Farms. Housing was airy and gave them a lot of room and sunshine. There were fed the same way the pastured whites were. Last week, on week 19, they started making their "clacking" sound. Then, their diet was supplemented with calcium....snails and egg shells.

On week 20, the first drops...notice their size and the color?

Look how deep yellow the yolk is and how thick the egg white is :)

The cleanliness of the chicken and the eggs is not based on the color of the feathers, but it is in how it how it was raised.

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