Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Natural Farming Family

After being given a column on natural farming in Agriculture Magazine, we knew we wanted to go beyond the topics of simply natural farming. We wanted to show the people behind it, what it takes to be a natural farmer, who are the ones that have the sustainability....natural farming requires dedication and patience :)
A topic that played on our minds is the family as a unit...a natural farming family. Rare time that Doc Rey and I will be on the same wavelength, but we were one on this...the Glinogas.

Mid June, after I rushed my July2011 debut column, I met the Glinogas for an interview. Gold, the younger son, was sick but he patiently obliged and quietly waited. Silver, the older one, animatedly intermediated during the interview. These are 11 and 14 year old boys. I told Doc Rey he missed the wonderful vibes of the family!

Bittie Glinoga, an airforce pilot meets a nurse, Weng Fortun, during a course for paramedics/rescue, where she was the teacher.  One had a land, the other was raised by a farming family. Years later, they wanted to revive the denuded farm and give jobs to Pitogo, Quezon folks.  Glinoga Organic Farm was born.

I won't preempt our column for August 2011, but just a preview of things:

Lubi Lubi or Niyog Niyogan cooked as guinataan

Lagikway used as anti-hypertensive in the Pitogo, Quezon community.  Cooked like Camote Tops.

The Glinoga Organic Farm has a stall at the AANI FTI Weekend Market every Saturday and Sunday.  I told them that I wish that MM of Market Manila discovers them there.  That was in June.  After two (2) weeks, read this post :)  Good things are hard not to be noticed!

Read the full story soon:)


  1. Lagikway is excellent vegetable.the old people of visaya use to eat lagikway and they are still actively healthy! Try it in sinigang na isda or in ginataang kalabasa ok! I put lagikway in ginisang sardinas katalo na.this leafy vegetable is a must for all people!

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  4. If you are farming in mountanous area where air is cool plus soil is porous, lagikway will surely thrive there!if all filipinos eat lagikway I believe the case of hypertension will drop by 80%!imagine I tried exotic foods of vietnam,thailand and japan,their soup are excellent but what in my mind is lagikway leaves replacing their leafy vegetable. Lagikway is definitely superior ingredient in any recipes!