Sunday, January 30, 2011

I Like Them Wild....

...veggies, flowers... :)

One of the wild vegetables we have a lot in the farm is this miniature cucumbers.  They grow everywhere and love to hang and wrap around trees and these wire fence that protects some of our vegetables from our pastured chickens.

The time I took this photo, I got a handful and blew on them...just a psychological getting rid of dust...then popped them in my mouth.  The beauty of chemical free farming. 

Very refreshing, sweetish and juicy.  Great to have mixed in salads for that minute crunch :)


  1. mam sandy, our little farm 1.2 hectares, is in the vicinity around the rice field at the foot of mount arayat, we were trying so hard to practice natural farming though we were very new with farming actually(3years only), my biggest problem is that the rice farmer here in our place is still using the 2,4D herbicide, at first we were very disappointed with the veges that we grow because theres a time their leaves becomes like-plastic texture, then we found out later it is because of the herbicide our surrounding neighbors used, if I make FPJ po ba and IMO, will it help my veges to at least still bear good fruits? and would the FPJ and IMO rid of the residue of the herbicide? please bear with my line of questions, kasi po I'm still very elememtary in farming. thanks po and more power!

  2. Bonik, yes, use your natural farming concoctions.

    Make windbreakers to protect your farm from your neighbor's spraying. Plant trees like and shrubs around that may act as live fence at the same time, they will break the wind that carries the chemicals when your neighbor is spraying.

    Be patient in your farming and let your neighbor taste your harvest...para ma convert din sya :)