Monday, January 17, 2011

After These, What Is Next?

Agri Plain Talk, Manila Bulletin, December 11 2010

Agri Plain Talk, Manila Bulletin, Jan 08 2011
Agriculture Magazine, Jan 2011, Page7
Panorama, Jan 02 2011, Page 20 and 21

In December 25 2010, Mag Agri Tayo, shown every Saturday at 9am over Channel 4 had featured the white pastured chickens too.  We are now partnering with them in given a school on the air and will be showing in several episodes our farming practices.  In early 2010 they did a 2part feature on us already, but they are now interested in the whites and the natural farming.  Watch out for the January 29 2011 episode.

Can you guess what the next stories of Mr. Zac Sarian will be focusing on? 


  1. sana may book po about sa azolla and raising chickens o instructional videos na for sale para sa mga interesado po sa raising chickens naturally :)

  2. We do have a dvd for sale. Plus, this bllg covers all topics as we go along journey in natural farming :)

  3. thanks for the reply po.

    yes po, im reading your blog, but it's different lang siguro when you have a reference na handy po like a book :) that you can read on a travel or mapahiram po yung book sa mga walang access sa internet na interesado sa natural farming. ill definitely buy the book for sure kung magkakaroon man. in the mean time, learning dito sa blog at sa facebook page ng natural farming.

    nakita ko na po yung dvd for sale sa isang blog entry nyo. will purchase it. thanks po ulit.

  4. @ Mona Liza, I knnow what you mean. My book on natural farming is like a bible that goes with me wherever. Thank you for reminding.