Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Bugs Are Welcome Here

For some years, we were happy to have tons of Water Lily in our ponds as we saw the Sunshines eating them....til we were introduced to Azolla :)  Last week, we decided to clear two more ponds to make room for more Azolla propagation.

The cleared plants were laid on the edges of the ponds and it wasn't a nice sight to pass while going through the farm.  Why don't we lay them on the thickly weeded areas and around the fruit trees?  Spray IMO (Indigenous Micro Organisms) on them, let it be our green fertilizer!

As they were being forked to the adjacent grassy areas, clouds of insects were lifted!  It was like heaven on earth....dragon files, lady bugs, beetles, grasshoppers, spiders etc....  Then butterflies of several colors decided to dance with them :)

I am thankful we are not spraying chemicals.  My mind is very micro in thinks small.  I know I have secured food on our own tables, with some to share with family and friends.  

Think about securing your own too.  Grow your own food.

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