Saturday, December 11, 2010

White Chickens Now Pastured

This must be the longest time I hadn't blogged!  I missed it so muchhhhhhhhhhhh.

Not that I wanted to take a, I longed to be in touch.  Just that my old laptop acted up a lot.  Cried to be changed.  Not only that, my softwares said they have expired.  Whatever that meant, maybe I knew I just had to reinstall but I closed my eyes so I can buy a new toy :) So, I stuck to just browsing and FB for about 2weeks.  I deliberated as after getting his and hers IPads, I saw the beauty of  the bitten Apple.  Do I get a Mac?  That means having to learn and TRANSFER files aarrggghhhhh.

Meantime, I kept busy with planning our paths for 2011, and talking and meeting up with groups who can't believe that is was possible.

How can I blog now?  You guess it right!  I got myself a new toy.  Learned to save the monumental thing to do is get my power point working.  Tried but failed transfer.  Will try after I get more confidence with her :)

Aside from so happy to be able to blog today...another pleasant gift today was THIS!

Mr. Zac Sarian had been with us since we started experimenting with pasturing the white broilers since we started in April.  Actually he already wrote teasers on them, not naming us...just saying his lady friend :)

Last week he said it was ripe to be introduced to the agriculture industry, although we had been harvesting the whites already and have actually gotten good reviews.  Clients haven't noticed the difference until we ask for feedback since we knew what batch of harvests were colored or white.  After finding in themselves the difference...if was for the better as far as Filipino tastebuds were concerned.

Filipinos like their soups yellow, rounded body chickens, meaty but tender compared to the colored....we got that with the pastured whites.


  1. gum am mam, taga benguet po ako, magkano po ang day old white chicks? ilan po ang minimum heads pag magorder ako? thanks

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  3. nakapag alaga na po me ng colured na sunshine chicken..
    it went ok nman...
    last week po... bumili po ako ng 45 days na chick sa poultry shop sa amin, pero parang pinagdududahan ko lang po ng konti, kase mas malakas at masipag kumain yung coloured, pero titingnana ko po... after ko i pasture after 14 days... hehe... matinding pagdududa...
    wala na po ba kayo nung coloured chick... gusto ko rin po kse sna yun, para yung babae na manok di ko kakakatayin at paiitlugin ko... nangingitlog po ba yung 45 days na manok?

  4. 1 week old na po yung 1se batch ng mga white broilers na inaalagaan ko... tanong ko lang po.. bakit parang hirap na hirap sila maglakad... at yung iba po parang pike.. mabilis yung paglaki nila... parang di kaya ng mga hita nila yung body nila...
    normal po ba yun?

  5. @ Purple, Malamang mga PHP30 pe head ang retail at present prices

    @ Ryle, Saan ka nakabili ng white chicks? Anong brand?

  6. nasubok ko na ang white pastured chicken, pang 4th batch na itong inaalagaan ko ngayon. noong una hindi mabili kasi hinahanap ang colored chicken pero noong natikman na nila na ang lasa gaya rin ng colored chicken, marami nang may gusto. akala kasi nila kong white na manok ay 45 days lahat, ang hindi nila alam, depende kong paano aalagaan.

  7. Oca, saan ka based? So encouraging naman to meet farmers like you :)

  8. meron po ba kayong outlet dito sa baguio o la trinidad, benguet?