Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Lessons Reiterated

Chickenful and lessons learned and re-echoed this weekend.

Saturday, Dec 18:

1) It was Doc Rey who was supposed to do the seminar on "Raising Pastured Chickens in the City" at Mercato Centrale, but after I was at the the newest weekend market for three (3) weekends now, the people there won't have the space nor the time to grow their own.  So, I was tasked to talk on the "Benefits of Eating Healthy Pastured Chicken".  Get to know your market.

2) As I was on the way to the talk tent, I saw Jhoey of Pinoy Organics speaking to a Chef who was going to do a cooking demo next day, Sunday.  As I went by them, I recognized Chef Rupert Carandang, son of one of my best friends Mary Massab (remember Miss Magnolia and Iskul Bukol?) and Nelson Carandang.  He said he was going to listen to me.   Support friends and family.

3) There was no space for the projector screen as we were going to make do
with the back of a used tarpaulin as screen.  Didn't work. The projector wasn't showing the images well as we were practically outdoors.  After Doc Rey said "the show must go on",  Jhoey of Pinoy Organics decided we do an interview type of presentation wherein she decided to ask me FAQs and I give the replies, addressed to the audience.  Worked perfect as FAQs are just it, the "frequently asked questions".  Be prepared for anything and make do with situations. 

4) After the talk, he decided he wanted to use Sunshine Chicken for his demo.  We  had good conversation about his preferences for cooking.  I later encouraged his parents to watch the demo.  Common denominators are set by friends and family.

5)  Right after Mercato Centrale, I hied of to catch up with a meeting.  Majority votes should be respected.

6) Christmas party....Important to walk up to new faces to make them feel welcome.

Sunday, Dec 19:

1) Chef Rupert asked me if I wanted to do selling and distribute my flyers during his cooking demo using Sunshine Chicken.  I said "Oh no"!  I didn't want to take away the moment from Chef Rupert.  Besides, the activity was a cooking demo and not product selling.  When you give something, there should be no expectations of returns. 

I appreciate the thought from Chef Rupert, but no thank you.

2) Chef Myke Sarthou was also a surprise cooking demonstrator too.  I am not normally there on Sundays so we weren't able to plan together.  He still managed to use my Liver Pate that he makes for Sunshine Chicken :)  Friends work great together.

3) The Mercato Centrale's comfortable surroundings are so conjusive to talking.  I went extra miles to learn more from others and needs to spread natural farming.  Plan through the eyes of others, as your needs have been met already and may not be applicable to the newbies :)

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