Saturday, December 11, 2010

The Secret Is In The Soil

Flor Tarriela had been excitedly talking about this book....a child's and beginner's guide to natural gardening...makes them graduate to natural farming :)

Delays were blessings, because it allowed her to create the team to bring out he book she really envisioned it to be.

I am not into socials, more when I go alone.  But Flor took time out to invite and I knew how excited she was with this project.  I had to go.  Went early to make sure I can position myself when there aren't many there yet.  

Glad I did, as everyone was pleasant.  Most were relatives and family friends and they made the others like me feel at ease.  Name tags were used and when some asked me what I did....surprise...some were customers of ours already for the Sunshine Chicken!

Relief, I saw common faces: Tere, Dante and Sec Alcala of the Department of Agriculture.

The star of the night though, was really the book. 
Today I had the luxury of time to go over it.  Really a nice read for a farmer and getting to review what is elementary.  You can't get there without going through the basics :)

A Naturella Farm Store has this available for pick up at our QC address at PHP300, or we may send to you by LBC for a total of PHP550.  This will be  nice present this Season.

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