Monday, December 13, 2010

Red Combs

 From afar, they look like Cherries topping Vanilla Ice Cream.  Hmmmmm, I shouldn't blog when I am craving for sweets :)

The red combs are a sign of good health.   Be conscious about them as it tells you if they are sick.

But what are combs for really?

Gamefowls who's combs had been cut off look smart and handsome.  Notice how gamefowls pant after a few flights shuffles?  Maybe you think they are like Manny Pacquiao who can withstand 12rounds.  Yes, they can because they are loaded with boosters :)  But take a look at the clean chicken who hasn't been subjected to boosters, they tire easily after their combs had been cut off.

Chickens don't perspire and the combs act as their radiator and cooling system.  That plays a good role during summer. 

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