Saturday, October 02, 2010

White Christmas

At four (4) weeks now, they will be seeing you in December :)
The recently held Poultry Show was very motivating.  People embraced the idea of "yes, the whites can be pastured".  Low cost, easy to find, safe chicken for all!

For us at Solraya, it isn't just an "idea" anymore.  It had been ran and tested several batches.  Harvested and taste tested at different intervals.  For our pastured chickens, we still go with a slow developing chicken.  Let it age and naturally will give you great tasting and healthy chickens :)

We will be happy to explain them to you during AGRILINK 2010.


  1. gusto ko lang pong iclarify kung ang white chickens na tinutukoy nyo ay ang nakagawiang tawaging 45 days? At pwede na itong ifreeranged after 14 days? kailangan po ba itong ivaccine kagaya ng colored chickens?

  2. @ Leon, yes that is what is normally called "45day", although the commercial farms raise it to about 30days only.

    I will say, dependent on weather. We ranged it at 14days since they are big already and we have don't want them to grow fat and big. Remember, we want a slow developing chicken to get full flavored meat. Although they are ranged at 14days, at night, they are still heated up because kulang pa ang balahibo.

    Suggested ang vaccine but not imperative. Pero personally, we don't vaccinate because we do a multi age sa farm. Wala kaming bakuna, because wala kaming katabing poultry farm.

  3. chick booster ba ang feeds nila? kaya lang ang mga commercially available booster usually may mga antibiotics and growth hormones, paano yan di na sila organic chicken. please enligthen me.

  4. @ Leon,

    You can make your own feeds, or you may go for a commercial brand that has no antibiotic nor hormones. If you will go commercial feeds and the clean one isn't available, I will suggest that you use fresh premium brand on your area. Better fresh with medication than stale clean feeds.

    We never said "ORGANIC". Close to impossible to say you have an organic chicken. CLose to impossible for poultry and livestock. Please read through the blog. This had been discussed many times.

  5. sorry i used the wrong word, napuna ko rin 2 but i posted it already...... if i chooses 2 make my own feeds, would u teach me the simpliest way to do it?

  6. @ Leon, what is easy to find in your area? rice? corn?