Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Naturella Steps

What was just a name last week has now developed naturally and will take first steps during AGRILINK 2010.

Natural farming and marketing takes the focus of our lives now.  Everything is falling into place as timing that the loyal clientele that Sunshine Chicken has developed, are also asking for other products that they know will be sourced dutifully for them.

Now A Naturella Farm Store will act as purveyors of  products from natural or organic farms.  You may pick-up from us or avail of our delivery service. Selected trade shows and weekend markets are being calendared.


  1. hi mam..tanong ko lang po kung may outlet po kayo ng sunshine chicken dito sa baguio? ilang bird/sqm pag ipasture?

    thanks a lot..


  2. @Purple, if you will read through, we are recommending that you get the white broilers and pasture them. For pasturing, you need 1sqm per bird.