Monday, August 29, 2011

Agriculture Magazine September 2011

Yesterday at Agrikapihan, I was excited to see the September issue so I went at 8am. Guess what?  The two stalls that carried it, Teresa Orchard and AANI, had already sold the copies they brought!

Early today, I was going to check out National Bookstore. Since it is a Holiday, no traffic and my relaxed mind brought me just cruising. Next thing I knew I was in Quiapo, why not....go to the head office of Manila Bulletin to get copies.

Parking was so easy and the light rain was an easy excuse to don my raincoat:)

The children are really the ones we have to focus on educating:)

We had an easy time interviewing Dante Delima as there was a deeper story other than simply farming.  BTW, my editor says he hardly has to do anything if at all to my submissions.  Thank you.  But for this article...he added two words.  Why?  Maybe because he wanted to edit something, whatever he can.  In the opening paragraph, he added that Dante Delima and "his brother" Tibaw.  Well, they are brothers in sustainable agriculture after all :)

What was hard to do was to write it up, as a short story wasn't going to do it justice.

Dante Delima is worth meeting up in person.  You can't judge a man by his shoes.  Nor can a man's worth be seen in paper.

You have to experience being with a True Blue Farmer :)

Mr. Zac Sarian asked Doc Rey to do what his initial intention was for a column...that from a Veterinarian.  So here is his first article.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

My New Favorite

Because of my involvement with natural farming, marketing and writing, I find myself always looking out for new things.  Or...good, old things that others are taking for granted.

This week was the Department of Agriculture's BAR Agritechno Forum at SM Megamall Trade Halls.

The show also gave weight on the commercial production of naturally farmed native pigs.  All of a sudden I missed our own farm, where we have pastured native pigs.  Yes pastured and just fed fruits and vegetables.
Just the way pigs were raised before

The booth of the Philippine Carabao Center drew me, because I really buy their products on the way to Isabela.  They have a new flavor for their yogurt drink...Dragon Fruit!

It was creamy, pulpy, just the right is my new favorite.  In color, it even standsout beside my all time loved Strawberry Yogurt :)
Dragon Fruit flavored

Friday, August 12, 2011

Natural Farming Technology, Aug 19-20, Agribusiness Center, Department of Agriculture (MAIN)

Philippines for Natural Farming, Inc  will have a two day training on Natural Farming Systems Technology at the Agribusiness Center of the Department of Agriculture (Main), the building of which is located along the Elliptical Road, Diliman, Quezon City on August 19-20, 2011 (Friday and Saturday) from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Cost for the two day training is P2,500.00 which includes training materials and food (snacks and lunch prepared by Chef Tatung from naturally farmed produce). Training will focus on natural fertilizers and pesticides and its application to crops, plants and animals (baboy, manok, itik and kambing). For plants and crops technology, it will focus on land preparation, seed selection and treatment, proper planting and application of natural fertilizers and pesticides. It will also include preparation and use of compost and vermi.
For livestock and poultry: appropriate housing, nutrition, bedding for pigs and chicken, natural feeds and medication.
The training will be conducted by Ms. Teresa Saniano of Earthkeepers and Mr. Dante Delima, both authors of the LIKASAKA Manual.
For inquiries and reservations for the Aug 19-20 training, please contact Rose: 0917-244-8064 or 0908-863-1519  or Sandy 0917-847-2639 and (02) 216-7016
May menos/discount or libreng training pa tayo....may pa contest tayo sa PNFI e-yahoo at facebook.... abangan.....
Seminar fees, Membership fees and Annual dues may be
> deposited to the savings account of "Philippines for Natural
> Farming, Inc." in Bank of Philippine Islands (BPI), account no.
> 003083-7065-45. Please photocopy deposit slip, write the following
> information and send by fax to (632)929-4538 during office hours and ask
> for fax tone:
> Attention: Rose Lorredo – Treasurer, PNFI
> From:
> (Name of seminar participant or new member)
> Branch
> of Deposit: (Name of Branch where you made the deposit)
> Purpose
> of Payment: (Seminar fee and title and date of seminar, membership fee
> or annual dues)

Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Who is Dante Delima?

He is now with the Department of Agriculture, Director III, Bureau of Plant Industry and National Rice Program Coordinator.  That is his official title.

But who is Dante Delima?  What made him be what he is today?

Let's delve into him....editing now for the September issue of Agriculture Magazine.

Monday, August 01, 2011

Agribusiness Center, DA-AMAS

Department of Agriculture, Agribusiness, Marketing and Assistance Services (DA-AMAS) inaugurated their Agribusiness Center in the main DA Compound.

This building will be a venue for showcasing, year round, 7days a week, the exporters/suppliers of the Philippines. Marketing under one roof, the buyers will be able to get info on products they need.

The terrace on the 2nd floor.

The 2nd floor is envisioned to have a coffee shop and be venues for meetings.

The ground floor will be the information/reception area.  Buyers may get data here for products they need.  AMAS personnel links buyers to suppliers/farmers.

Exporters' showcase/retail area.  Visit and see what the Philippines has to offer.  You may buy on retail.  For wholesale inquiries, they will connect you to the source.

There are projects to help us farmers.  Let us also join hands on how to assist the government.  Help ourselves too :)