Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Natural Farming with Sandy & Doc Rey

This was what kept me excited yesterday as it was confirmed that my 1st article
was accepted with minimal revision (2 words!) and that please send our photos
for showing beside the name (sounded real already) and if we can write the next
article already (am still not yet over the awe that it is real).

Someone told me last week that I should have sent several so the editor may have
a wider selection, if not, my material may just be set aside. I shrugged my
shoulder and thought, we wrote what we thought was best for the 1st :)

Final, Mr. Zac Sarian is giving Sandy and Doc Rey a column. I submitted my copy
with SUNSHINE w/ Sandy and Doc Rey as the original column name. When the final
copy was sent back to me, they changed the column title to "Natural Farming
with Sandy and Doc Rey".

Very good timing when Zac asked us, as it was the perfect venue to market PNFI. 
He didn't give me parameters and I can write about anything. Breakthrough for
marketing of PNFI :)


Long ago, Rey and Zac were going to do a series of books. Soon after we met
Andry, and the idea came to me about the "He saym She says"....why not "natural
farmer says, Vet says"! Great! But, the natural farming protocols came later,
after that probably when it did, our interest on the project waned or Zac was
preoccupied and didn't want to write it. Can't be sure what was the real

Last week when we were talking....I didn't even mention yet about PNFI as I was
going to give press releases to market PNFI.....he said he wanted me and Doc Rey
to write a column on livestock and poultry. I asked if he was serious and if he
was, can it be about something that was encompassing and closer to our hearts
now...natural farming. Then he said...perfect to bring back my original idea of
"natural farmers says, Vet says" now perfect!

Look at my article's last line :)

join the Philippines for Natural Farming, Inc on FB and on the Yahoo

I am lining up already next articles....Mabuhay ang natural farming. Mabuhay
ang PNFI!

Mr. Sarian just called now...waiting for the photos as the July issue is being
laid out, and asking about next article submission....totoo na nga ito.

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