Monday, June 13, 2011

Food Bowl Organic Market

This used to be the Food Bowl Night Market.

 The organizers saw the strength of the advocacy, the member farmer groups sticking out late nights Fridays and Saturdays.  Now, they are rewarding the group a Sunday morning market, and now be known as the Food Bowl Organic Market at the Centris Walk at EDSA cor Quezon Ave.

Very convenient and easy to go to.  You can even make a drive thru purchase.  Covered area so safe from rains and on cemented flooring so no muddy feet :)

Now it'll be Fridays and Saturdays at 4-11pm then Sundays at 6am-2pm.  This June 19, Sunday, Father's Day will be opening for the Sunday morning.  It will start off with a Thanksgiving Mass, so for those who would like to join, please come.

Seminars on natural and organic farming are being scheduled.

Please support natural farming!

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