Monday, June 13, 2011

Breakfast at the Farm

Entering the gate of the farm, we go by fruit trees. The one that we had been waiting for excitedly is the Duhat at this is very sweet and meaty. Doc Rey just had to stop and get some. You think we can wait to eat it?

As soon as he got off the car and put some on his cowboy hat, I got off too and we both enjoyed the sweet and juicy Duhat. We got all that we can reach out to. Whewhhhh...that was a lot of exercising as we stretched up our arms to pluck the coveted fruits.

You think that was enough? Nope. He had to climb and I was there acting as his arm's GPS...navigating and steering as he can't see where the fruits were. Even while peeking around, we really got good exercise here.

See how good my vantage point was :)

By the time we were done walking around the farm, we sat down to a heavenly meal that was from the farm. Naturally farmed fish, kamatis, manggang hilaw, dayap with bagoong, wild ampalaya, boiled talong, okra and kamote. We ended that breakfast with Suha we picked off our tree too!

All in Santiago City, Isabela. We hope more people here see the importance of safe food on the table and do natural farming.

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