Thursday, March 24, 2011

Sweet Smelling Farm

SNot sure how these trees got to the farm, but I always thought that they were wild ones.  There are several of them around, no fruits, so I doubt that we planted them.  When we cleared Water Lily from the ponds, we transferred them to the near areas and thought of them as mulch.  The tall grass were down in no time at all, after mulching and spraying if IMO, so we had more space to walk around the farm.

Aside from the fertile space now for planting vegetables, as we walked around to look for what wild vegetables we had around....there was this sweeettttt  smell that my nose had to follow.  I had to step closer to these trees, initially sceptical as "they can't smell that good"....they were always thought as "just trees".

But they were the ones...such a mild, quiet, sweet scent:
You know what it is called?


  1. Bagalunga(Philippine neem tree)

    Salamat po..


  2. Jun, thank you....that I remember buying! I thought Neem was mabaho because it repels insects. Napakabango nya! Buti hindi ko napa uproot? It got to weird places....kinakalat pa sila ng ibon?

  3. Very useful po ang neem tree especially sa organic/natural farming,some farmers uses neem tree(concoction) to repel insects and nematodes sa kanilang farm.Maganda din po ang may Bagalunga(Melia Azedarach)sa farm...