Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Palyat, Copra Meal As Organic Rat Killer

In January, we attended a natural farming seminar in Tiaong.  Our problems with rats were brought up in passing with some of our classmates and Nong from Bicol area talked about using Palyat that is a byproduct of Copra. Later on, most people say that is also what is called as Copra Meal.

You leave the Palyat on the ground (as our case may be as we are in the farm) or on the floor where you know the rats love to pass.  Make sure they have a lot of water to drink as they fill themselves with Palyat. They eat a lot, drink a lot and so on...they get real bloated and may die because they can't breathe or eventually their stomachs rupture.  It may be a slow process, not like using chemical poisons that have them dead around the next day.  

We didn't see any casualties at first, but we were patient and stayed on with our sack of Palyat. In about 1week later, we noticed the odor and saw the rats have started to dwindle in numbers.  Plus the fact that rats tell others about deaths in that area, so I guess it was a reason why rats are now avoiding our farm.   In the next weeks, when the ricefields around us have harvested and there is nowhere to eat but in our farm...let's see how it goes.  But for the recent weeks, we hardly saw any rats in the farm.

They had really been such pests around.  We don't have mortalities in our chicken farm due to sickness....all our chicken deaths were caused by rats!  And the feeds/grains that they eat up.  No joke...we had to find a solution.

How does it work?  Doc Rey says that the Palyat bloats the rats and fills them up.  The rats can't expel gas nor do they have the capacity to vomit.

Try this Palyat if you want a chemical free way of getting rid of your rats.  We see this in copra rich areas, like Southern Luzon.  Find it in agriculture and feeds stores.


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